We provide the following services:

    • Rhinitis management

    • Asthma evaluation and management

    • Treatment of food allergies, hives, angioedema, eczema, insect or medication allergies

    • Latex allergy evaluation

    • Contact dermatitis evaluation and Patch testing

    • Evaluation and treatment of most allergic and immunological problems with a consultation followed by skin testing.

We offer Cluster Immunotherapy to select patients. Cluster immunotherapy is a process treating your underlying allergies by providing multiple dosages of allergy shots on the same day with waiting period of 20-30 minutes between dosages. Your insurance company will determine how much is the patient responsibility due amount for this procedure which may include an office visit, office spirometry, symptom monitoring with each visit including dosage adjustment by the physician; coverage can vary widely between companies and between their specific plans. We strongly advise that you contact your insurer to obtain this information before deciding on whether or not to undergo immunotherapy. You are responsible for any deductibles/ co-insurance and copayments due at the time of service of the allergy injection.

Did you know that we offer patch testing for specific chemicals such as Hair Dye, Nickel, etc? You can request Patch testing for chemicals, cosmetics, self-care products, metals etc which can be performed within 2 appointments a few days apart.

We are open through lunch.

Routine appointments can be requested by calling the office number, (781) 729-2293. Once your medical history and diagnosis is obtained via a Specialist office Televisit you will be scheduled for testing, as necessary. Follow-up visits requiring no testing are being performed by Specialist office Televisit only. Completion of all patient registration materials and submission is required prior to the appointment to see the doctor. Please follow instructions under the Forms tab on this web site.

For your convenience we provide recurring Allergy Injection appointment slots. We appreciate your prompt arrival for your scheduled allergy injections in consideration to other patients scheduled after you. Have your pharmacy send us an electronic refill request for all prescription refills, which will be authorized as long as the patient is seen by the physician within the last six months.

If your child takes medications to school, daycare or if they are going to camp, please be aware that most schools, daycare and camp facilities require a form to be completed by the doctor. Please plan your office visit with the physician at least 4 weeks prior to get these forms completed. In order to maintain a chain of custody, any forms that requires the physician's signature will be processed only at the time of an office visit with the physician in the presence of patient or parent/guardian. We encourage you to bring in all necessary school related forms during your annual visits with Dr. Krishna.

For medical emergencies, please immediately call 911. Please note - all children and adults greater than 2 years of age MUST wear a mask, covering the nose, at all times in the office during the COVID-19 pandemic.